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Random Reviews... The Cassini Mission by Rob Colton #Review #Giveaway

Author: Rob Colton
Book: The Cassini Mission
Series: Galactic Conspiracies #2
Self published
Publication date: November 9, 2016
Length:138 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The adventure continues in this action-packed follow up to The Degan Incident!

Dr. Aron Adler is ordered to take part in a rescue mission to a research colony located on an uninhabited planet in the outer rim. He is to immediately report to the U.S.C. Cassini, which will take Aron, two other scientists, and a unit of Union Marines to the colony. Once there, they are to assess the situation and retrieve any data or specimens.

Formerly a scientist in the Union Navy, Aron was dishonorably discharged following a court-martial for failing to obey orders. Stepping foot on the Cassini brings up old feelings he would rather forget. Shunned by the crew of the Cassini, Aron finds comfort in the arms—and bed—of Marine corporal Kane Robertson.

Upon reaching the colony, it becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. Once again, Aron is faced with a difficult decision: follow orders or follow his heart.


This is book 2 in Rob Colton’s Galactic Conspiracies Series. You likely remember Dr. Aron Adler from book 1. Well, this is his book.

  Aron is called in for a mission and he’s not at all thrilled about it. First off he’s reinstated into the Navy, where he was dishonorably discharged from, and forced into this mission. He, along with 2 other science officers, a bunch of GEM Marines, and some questionable officers, he boards a very rusty old ship , The Cassini, on a trip he knows nothing about.

Kane is a GEM Marine and he and Aron pretty much fall deep in lust with each other and thank god. They really have each other’s backs. This is a book full of lies, secrets, and a high body count. Not a lot of people make it out of this mission alive.

As exciting as this story was I don’t think it was as good as the first book. I was entertained and excited and I had a lot of fun but it was missing something. I did however see how book 2 connected with book one so it is an important story. I look forward to the next story.


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Author Saturday Spotlight: Aimee Nicole Walker #Excerpt #Giveaway

It's a special Author Saturday Spotlight. Not only do we have the talented Aimee Nicole Walker on here but we're spotlighting not just her, but her new book in her Fated Hearts Series: Any Means Necessary. We will also take a look at her other books in this series. She is also providing an exclusive excerpt from the book AND doing a wonderful giveaway. So let's get this show on the road...

Any Means Necessary
Book 7 in Fated Hearts Series

Published on September 20, 2016
Length: 217 pages
Book 7: Fated Hearts Series


Mitchell Heston…

I wasn’t proud of the man I’d become – selfish, spoiled, and cynical. Mark Bradley’s reappearance in my life made me want to be a better man. It had been more than two decades since we’d last seen each other and neither of us resembled the kids we used to be. Our lives went in completely different directions and I never thought I’d see him again, let alone hire him as the head of my security team.

The attraction and chemistry between us was immediate and intense, but Mark had built walls around him that I wasn’t able to penetrate. It wasn’t in my nature to accept that I would never have the person I wanted most in life, so I pushed. Mistrust and missteps nearly ruined us before we even had a chance to begin. Then there was the little problem of someone wanting me dead.

Mark “Deacon” Bradley…

Accepting a job working for Mitchell Heston was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’d ever made, but then why did it feel so right? We had nothing in common except a past that neither of us could change. What did I have to offer someone of Mitch’s caliber? He was a wealthy playboy and I was a battle hardened soldier with demons that threatened to ruin any chance of happiness for me. That didn’t stop me from wanting him, regardless of the consequences.

None of my doubts mattered once Mitch’s life was in danger. My sole focus became keeping him safe so that we could explore the feelings that were growing between us. To do that, I would sacrifice anything and protect him by any means necessary.

Any Means Necessary is book 7 in the Fated Hearts series and can be read alone or as part of the series. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and older

Exclusive Excerpt

“Um, I can see this isn’t a good time. I should’ve called first.”
            The happiness I saw on Mitch’s face when he opened the door to find me disappeared and his brows furrowed in confusion. He shook his head as if trying to make sense of it all and asked, “What the hell are you talking about?”
            I pointed to his shirt instead of answering and watched as realization dawned across his face. “You look like you’ve been jerking off or you have company.” I shrugged as if I didn’t care, but I really did. I cared too fucking much.
            Mitch swiped a finger through the splattered mess and sucked the spill off of his fingers. “It’s icing from my fucking Toaster Strudel, moron. I was watching the damn Dodgers and not paying a bit of attention. They had the bases loaded, no outs and still couldn’t get a run in.”
            The disgust I heard in his voice over the game made me want to smile, but I wasn’t ready to let him off so easily. “Uh huh,” I said with what I hoped was a disbelieving look on my face. “I bet that’s what it is.”
            Without a word, Mitch wrapped his hand around my neck and brought his mouth to mine. I felt the stickiness of the icing on his lips and I licked them clean. Mitch parted his lips and I took what I’d been craving for a week. I explored every inch of his mouth with my tongue and felt pleasure ripple through both of our bodies.
            I pulled back and looked into his eyes. “Strawberry.”

Other Books in the Series

Book Two: Rhythm of Us

Book Four: Perfect Fit

Book Five: Return to Me

Book Six: Always You

Review of Any Means Necessary

Any Means Necessary is book 7 in Aimee Nicole Walker’s the Fated Hearts Series. Each book I have loved some more than others. I’ve reveled in the connections, characters, plot, and emotion. It’s a treat when the characters of the current book interact with characters of books past. Not always is it every one of them. In this one we actually only get a glimpse of two characters from the past; Xavier and Ben. That means, yes, Deacon is getting his story.

Mark “Deacon” Bradley, remember him from Xavier’s book (Rhythm of Us book 2) yeah I know it feels like forever ago. Deacon poked at our brains and Aimee has written his story. When we saw him he was mysterious, protective, a little scary lol. Well, he’s still all those things but it takes a boy from his past who is now the man of his dreams to fix all his broken, to unravel all his mystery.

Mitchell Heston… Yeah he sounds familiar too, huh? Well not only is he the other MC in this book but Deacon and Mitch go way back. Back to a time where Deacon was Mark. And that is exactly what Mitchell calls him. As little of a thing as it sounds it’s really huge. Deacon is an ex-marine and Deacon was his name, his crew even still call him that. Sometimes men and women in the military lose themselves; which in a way was something I think Deacon was trying to do for a long time. Mitch calling him Mark reminds him of who he really is.

Mitch and Mark met in Foster care. Mark was so damaged and Mitch was so lost. Now fast forward, they haven’t changed they just hide it a lot better.

I loved the romance. I always do in these books by Aimee. She weaves and balances it all perfectly. From the beginning with Mitch and Mark’s cat and mouse game of angering each other and jealousy. To a somewhat calm, a little bit of yo-yo playing, and then of course the suspense of trying to keep everyone alive from a mad loon!

Through the action and adventure. Through the suspense and near misses, there’s a love story. Mark uncovering his dark past, Mitch making amends with a lot and allowing himself to be who he really is.

Sometimes when a series has ran for a while it starts to stagnate. But not in this case. Each book in the Fates Hearts series is wonderful, fresh and new. We get to visit with old favorites and make new ones.

This is a thriving series I hope to read many more. I always look forward to what Aimee will do next!


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Morningstar's Musings: What Fiction Stories Taught Me #Bivisibilityday #bisexualawarenessweek #Giveaway

What Fiction Stories Taught Me

I got to thinking yesterday about what I get out of reading. The genres or tropes I’ve read over the years may have changed but does that mean what I get out reading has? I don’t think so. I think no matter what each of us read we learn something from that story, those characters. Whether that is something about ourselves or about the world or society as a whole. 

I know reading Three Wishes by Barbara Delinsky showed me I can love a book and not its ending, And that I absolutely believe in fate and how each one of our choices can affect our path going forward. Like if I hadn’t fallen in love with my best friend 22 years ago, would I have the life I have now? My kids? How can that one choice change the path I went down?

I know reading a book like Everyday History by Alice Archer that we don’t see the life in all the small things that we live with every day. We don’t, but should, remember who and why that picture or Knick knacks are important because just like we say songs can take us back to a memory, all of our everyday items hold history; our history, our memories, our emotions. I pay attention to those things now. 

I know reading a book like the Thomas Elkin series by N.R. Walker that age is just a number and what matters most in any relationship is the fit that two people have with each other. Our age is something we can’t change but it doesn’t have to define us. I am almost 40 years old (I’m young at heart) but I am going to dye my hair purple because my age doesn’t define my personality. 

I know reading a book like Sunset Park by Santino Hassell shows that our sexuality can be something we don’t know at a young age. We can go through life wondering, thinking that maybe what we have always known about ourselves wasn’t the truth. Or at the very least the truth as we knew it at the time. The life that we lead everyday has a lot to do with what we know about ourselves. What we can accept about ourselves. Going through life curious but thinking you can’t or shouldn’t accept those feelings is one of the hardest things to do. 

(The fact I even wrote this next part is due to a post Keira Andrews wrote yesterday on her Facebook page. Thank you Keira, because it gave me courage and knowledge I was not alone in my feelings)

I am one of those people. I had always thought one way about myself never knowing that the thoughts I was having, the feelings I was experiencing were not what everyone else was thinking or feeling. Not until reading and learning through the stories that authors created about characters going through their own journeys did I know who I am. Did the thought of anything but what I already knew about myself was even possible. It hadn’t ever crossed my mind. I am bisexual. My husband knows and very few friends. I don’t hide it but I don’t shout it out either. I haven’t told my mom or my brothers. And it is not something I talk about. I am getting better day by day stilling the fear within myself of what people’s reaction would be. In some ways this, saying this here for a group rather than one on one is easier. 

We all talk about what should be in our books. Diversity, everyone says. We need more people of color, we need more characters that envelope the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and we need to tackle real life issues such as Biphobia. And until yesterday I was halfhearted about that idea. I know those things should be addressed but to me I kept thinking “how is a fictional book going to change anything?”
But it does. I am proof of that. 

I have learned more about myself reading fictional books that I have history books.

I have learned more about myself reading fictional books than I have talking to friends.  

I have learned more about myself reading fictional books than I have living my life.

Authors have shown me a life and a world I didn’t live in because of where and how I was brought up. They let me see things that I didn’t experience or even think about. These stories opened my heart and my mind to the possibilities and the people out there. Do we need more diversity to teach people there is more than what they experience in their everyday lives? Yes, absolutely! 

Right now I know we have those authors writing the stories that need to be told. Not every writer should have to do this, of course, they can and will write what they want as is their right but as long as we have others willing to tell the stories that might help or change the mind of one person we are on the right path. 

What we need most are you to be willing to open your ears and your mind to listening when someone speaks their truth, their pain, and their experience. You do not have to agree, of course, but as mature adults we should do what we teach our kids.
Listen with an open heart.


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